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                                                       LOAN MODIFICATION

Much like a refinance, loan modifications make changes to your original loan in order to LOWER YOUR MORTGAGE PAYEMENT. However, unlike a refinance, the changes are usually based on your income, not your credit score or the amount of equity in your home. More importantly, a loan modification can actually lower the amount you owe the bank! That’s something a refinance can’t ever do. Zerilli Law can help you:

Lower the amount you owe the bank! (Principal Reduction)
Reduce your interest rate to as-low-as 2%!
Extend the term of your mortgage.
Convert your interest-only loan to a conventional mortgage.
Eliminate your 2nd Mortgage entirely!
Change your adjustable rate to a low fixed rate.

Most loan modifications include one or more of the above changes, with the end result being a lower mortgage payment!

Do I Qualify for a Loan Modification?

In most cases, Zerilli Law can modify loans even when you’ve been turned down for a refinance or if you tried to get a modification on your own and the bank denied you. Our attorneys have successfully modified thousands of loans, and have experience with all major banks and most of the smaller ones. Because each case is different, our attorneys provide Free Consultations. During your consult, your attorney will review your financials and use their experience to tell you whether or not you’ll qualify for a modification. Call (845) LOAN-MOD or (914) LOAN-MOD now to schedule your free consultation!